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Sony NEX-6 still a bestseller in US: Maybe Sony should make more APS-C E-mount lenses too…


APS-C E-mount cameras are literally dominating the Amazon mirrorless ranking (list here).

We are all waiting to see the new stuff at Photokina. But in the meantime …for months now(!) the most sold popular Sony camera at Amazon US (Click here to see the ranking) is the Sony NEX-6.
It’s a bit pity that only Sony E-mount FF lenses are about to be announced soon (16-35mm Zeiss, powerzoom lens and the Zeiss Loxia). Sony should really try to support those many APS-C E-mount owners and make some lenses for them too.

P.S.: Of course they can use the FE lenses too, but it’s really not the same thing (increased weight, increased price, missing focal lengths and so on…).

Reminder: Sony US is selling plenty of discounted ref. cameras:
$700 off on the [shoplink 28308 ebay]RX1R (Click here)[/shoplink].
$80 off on the [shoplink 28309 ebay]RX100 (Click here)[/shoplink].
$120 off on the [shoplink 28310 ebay]A77 with kit lens (Click here)[/shoplink].
Few [shoplink 28311 ebay]A900 bodies (Click here)[/shoplink].
$74 off on the [shoplink 28312 ebay]QX100 (Click here)[/shoplink].
Samys sells Open Box and $300 off [shoplink 28313 ebay]A7r bodies (Click here)[/shoplink].

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