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Sony patent discloses DSLR with touchscreen LCD.


A new patent shows the design of a Sony Alpha camera with touchscreen. The original description says:

An imaging apparatus includes: an ocular-type finder; a display section provided below the finder and having a display screen capable of displaying an image; processing means for detecting where a finger touches the display screen and carrying out a process according to the touched position; and a grip serving for gripping purposes provided to the right of the display section, wherein an angled area formed of a right end area and a lower end area is defined in the right half of the display screen, and the processing means includes limited processing means for carrying out a process associated with a touching operation detected only in the angled area when an eye has approached the finder.”


Do you believe reading patents is easy? Check out the following new Sony pixel array patent at Let’s see if you can understand what’s the key with that invention ;)

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