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(SR5) more infos about the A290 and A390


A swedish guy published some more details about the future A90 and A390 cameras on Dyxum:
An article with pictures and a few specs about the new Sony A290 and A390 appeared today in a Swedish photo magazine, “Digitalfoto för Alla” #9

Very glad for this, despite that they are of no interest for me prsonally (I already have an A550, which I am VERY happy with – it is FAR better than most reviewers thinks). The important thing IMO is that Sony (unlike some pessimists here?), obviously believes there still is life in low-end DSLRs (and even more so in cameras higher up in the Sony camera hierarki, one might assume), and that the NEX system isn’t supposed to kill the current Alpha line. Sony is possibly expecting some reduction in sales though, since there are only two models (if it stays that way) instead of the usual three… :-)

Anyway, it seems to be mainly complaint-fixes. :-)

The much critizised grip of the A230/A330/A380 series is gone, and replaced with a more conventional and appearantly with much better ergonomy.

The Smart Teleconverter button is moved out of the way a little, up onto the camera top.

Resolution of the lowend model is increased with 40%, so now both are equipped with 14 Mp image sensors. Couldn’t find any mention of it being CCD or CMOS, but have made a quick browse only so far.

And A390 has Quick LiveView, while A290 has not (thanks Sony, for not confuse us unnecessarily!).

Still no video.

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