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Sony RX1 lens performance test at DSLRmagazine.


The JPG and RAW resolution graph (Courtesy of DSLRmagazine)

The Spanish reviewers from DSLRmagazine (translation here) focused their efforts on analyzing the Zeiss 35mm f/2.0 performance. And as you can see from the graph on top the delivered image quality is excellent. DSLRmagazine writes: “We can see that the combination of lens and sensor paired brings dramatic results, the highest level achieved to date in our tests of digital cameras.

And the resolution is already superb at full f/2.0 aperture. Something you really don’t see often on fast 35mm lenses. The best quality can be reached at f/8.0 aperture although the gain is minimal. Of course shooting in JPG instead of RAW makes you loose a bit of resolution. Vignetting is low at f/2.0 and there is a bit of distortion. But these are really non issues because you can easily correct it in Post Processing.
Terrific what that RX1 sensor+lens combo achieved! But is that performance really going to boost the RX1 sales? Would love to know how good (or bad) the camera is selling in stores!
P.S.: Some sample photos at ePhotozine. Some nice RX1 images at RX1 files.


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RX1 Gariz accessories:

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