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Sony said “we don’t think we’ve quit the RX series yet”


A couple of weeks ago Imaging Resource published an interview they had with Sony managers. One of the questions was if the RX lineup still had some future. RX development manager Oshima-san answered:

Yeah, I think so, yes. From RX100 originally, RX1, RX10… I was the leader of the development for them. That’s why I love the RX series <laughs>. So now we are continuously producing the RX series, and while we can’t say anything about future strategy, but we don’t think we’ve quit the RX series yet. So that’s the answer…

Here is why I think the RX lineup makes sense and what Sony should do to make it popular again:

Now here is the question for you:

What kind of "experimental" RX camera would you love to see:

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