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Sony says “The impact of the shortage of semiconductors and parts is more serious than expected.”


The Japanese Nikkei magazine had a chat with Sony and this is what has been said (google translated text):

  • Sony has decided to suspend orders for some digital cameras. This is because the main products are out of stock one after another at stores and mail-order sites due to the shortage of semiconductors and parts. There is no way to solve the shortage of parts, including competition from Nikon, which may affect the year-end sales season at the time of scraping.
  • Sony says that the impact is more serious than expected, and wants to alleviate the feeling of shortage at stores by narrowing down production to new products.
  • On the 19th, Nikon released a new interchangeable lens product about a month and a half later than originally planned. The delay was due to “complex factors such as the shortage of semiconductors and the spread of corona infections in Southeast Asia” (the company). With the exception of some cameras that Canon also handles on its direct sales site, it is indicated that the delivery time is one month, indicating a shortage of inventory.
  • Sony says, “We will try to minimize the impact by standardizing parts and increasing inventory by reviewing the design,” but we do not know when it will be resolved.

via Digicameinfo

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