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Sony says: We will keep surprising you in 2014!



Sony manager MR. Kimio has been interviewed at (google translation here).

1) The first part of the interview is about the current stagnation on the camera market. And he talks about the Xperia Z1 and the QX cameras to be one of Sony’s way to win young people and balance the losses in the compact camera business.
2) Sony will focus on more high-end photographic products.
3) Sony will keep focusing on creating something new and they will “surprise” us.
4) We will definitely NOT stop to produce A-mount cameras.
5) The Sony manager literally says that next year quite some people will say: “What the heck is this?” as soon as they see some of the very innovative new Sony cameras :)

As you know here on SAR we talked a lot about some crazy tech developed by Sony: The new Non-Bayer sensor, the Z-shift sensor cameras, liquid lens tech and so on. What would really surprise you?

Found via Mirrorlessrumors.

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