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Sony take note: SAR readers want a new “A9r” four times more than the just announced A9


The Sony A9 seems to be a real good camera. But dear Sony…you what would really be a Killer camera? The Sony A9r! That camera got four times as many votes in our poll. So please give us as soon as you can a new High Megapixel camera with 60-70MP, 5-7 fps, and the same A9 body.

From what I know the A9r is not coming very soon (which means not on the market within 3-6 months). And based on the first A9 reviews it would be nice if Sony could fix/improve some things too: Mainly improve the touchscreen functions and reduce the buffer time lag. SAR readers can comment this post with their suggestion and I am sure Sony is reading you ;)

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Note: It’s yet unclear if the new camera will be named A9r or A7rIII (my bet is on the latter).

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Andrea (SAR editor)

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