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Sony TidBits…


The Sony Alpha Line – Making Sense Of The Choices (Gary Fong).

Sony 35mm 2.8 or Zeiss Loxia 35mm 2.0? (HikeVentures).
Hands on With the Sony FS7, Part 1 (Planet5D).
Sony 135mm f/1.8 Carl Zeiss Sonnar T* Lens Review (SonyAlphaLab).
Sony FS7 lens solutions part 2 (Newsshooter).
Sony Mobile Partners With 3 Internationally Renowned Photographers (ePhotozine).
Sony 60mm f/2.8 macro patent (Egami).
SONY’s Mini AC HDR AZ1VR – Review at ActionCameraRumors.
Review of the Sony RX100 III in Fantasea Housing (Divephotoguide).
Fotodiox tough E-mount review by MyPhotoJourney.
ENG lens on A7s at Newsshooter.

JJ Backer: just came across 5 very useful Sony ‘Lens Compatibility Charts’ on the Sony e-support site.  These charts show show full compatibility details for all A-Mount lenses when used on E or EF mount camera bodies.  The charts show all features / functionality issues with all 4 Sony LA-EA Adapters and every A-mount lens!  The reason I never noticed this before is that Sony has the charts listed under ‘Lenses: A-mount style’ on the support page.  I think these compatibility charts would be very useful for most E / EF mount Sony owners.  
Go to link below and look under “LENSES”: “A-mount style lenses”:  Then click the ‘lens type’ All 5 A-mount lens catagories listed there include details for all NEX / A7x series bodies when used with all 4 LA-EA adapter versions.

Frans:There is my new test for Pentax FA 31mm limited on the Sony A7: Focuspeaking (google tranlsation here)“.

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