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Sony TidBits


Sony sees RED with PMW-F3 camera, we go hands-on with the $16k “indie” (Engadget)

Sony will show a 23.11 A 17.7Mpixel 120fps CMOS Image Sensor with 34.8Gb/s Readout at the IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference.

New [shoplink 3058]Sony NEX-VG10[/shoplink] firmware update adds autofocus with Alpha lenses (Click here to download the firmware). A new test has been published by Focus Numerique.

Sony 50mm f/1.8 DT ( SAL-50F18 ) on Sony NEX (Photozone)

[shoplink 3617]Sony A55[/shoplink] review at Pixinfo.

[shoplink 3003]Sony NEX-5[/shoplink] review at Steve Digicams

New weekly japanese system camera sales ranking (BCNranking). Two NEX cameras into the top 10.

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