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Sony Tidbits…


Do Sony Mirrorless cameras and lenses hold their resale value?

Full list of todays Gold Box deals at Amazon, BHphoto, eBay,,,,,
What’s In My Bag: Chris Orwig’s Gear When Traveling Light (Alphauniverse).
Good news and Bad news on latest June camera shipment report…(Mirrorlessrumors).
Aputure Tri-8 Professional Led Panel Light (Personal View).
Best Action Cameras for Every Budget (Adorama Learning Center).
Warning! Avoid Eyelead Gel-Sticks for Sony A7 Cameras – Part 1 (Talkingtree).
Real-Time HDR Resolving with Atomos (Explora).

Raven:I have a cool tutorial on jow to shoot milkyway on flight, I am using A7Rii, with the samyang 12mm f2, using Apsc mode, here is the video link with tbe english sub, take a look 😉

Bernie: Just finished my 2017 Directors Reel. 2 years of full-time shooting and it’s been quite the journey. 90% of this real was filmed with the a6500 w/Zhiyun Crane. A few a7s and drone shots sprinkled in lol.

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