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Darrell:Wanted to point out that a number of us have found our samples of the Sony FE 24-105 G exhibit focus shift which results in consistent focus errors with the lens. It is a great zoom, but this is rendering the lens unusable for the copies exhibiting focus shift.
You can see a bunch of documentation of the problem at in a couple of threads over at in the Sony Forum (take a look at this thread, this particular page Earlier in the thread are some other examples with photos documenting focus shift).
In brief, my testing on the A7RIII showed the following behavior and resulting AF errors… similar errors were exhibited at other focal lengths but it seems worst at the long end at 105mm.

In AF-S, the A7RIII and FE 24-105 G focus wide open at f/4, then stop down to working aperture at time of exposure. Shots at f/4 are consistently in focus, and get progressively worse at f/5.6 and f/8. This is independent of live view settings (On or Off).
In AF-C, the same combination focuses just fine with live view settings on, as the lens is stopped down to working aperture (though it doesn’t seem to stop down to working apertures smaller than f/8 or so until the actual exposure is taken, so perhaps there could be focus shift errors after f/8).
In MF, with live view settings Off, the aperture stays wide open and you get focus shift errors as you stop down the working aperture. With live view settings ON, the aperture stops down to working aperture and you get sharp, in focus images as long as you refocus after each aperture change.
The focus shift has been confirmed by several others (by manually focusing, then stopping down to working apertures below f/4). Others have confirmed their copies don’t exhibit this behavior, so strangely, it seems the focus shift is copy dependent.
It would be useful to confirm if this is as common a problem as it seems to be based on the first cohort of buyers on
I’ll be returning my lens instead of waiting to see if it is something Sony can address via firmware.


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