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Sony Tidbits…


This video show you how to install the lens turbo Mark II – Canon EOS – NEX.

Zeiss 135mm lens review by Phillip Reeve.
Tamron 16-300mm 28-300mm Hands-On Preview (ePhotozine).
Carl Zeiss Touit 50mm f/2.8 Hands-on Photos (Photographyblog).
Best lenses for the 20-MPix Sony Alpha A3000: Primes and Zooms (DxOmark).
Sony job cuts arrive in Australia and New Zealand (Zdnet).
A Live Webcast Discussion of the New Sony a7 Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera System at BHphoto.
Shooting with the Sony A7 (Imaging Resource).
Zeiss 55mm FE lens test at CameraStuffReview.

Raymond:I would like to offer up a mini long-term review I have posted up about my experiences after one year with the Sony RX1, which I love. I would like to offer up the link for your readers if you think they would be interested in the read.

Andy:A couple of raws on my blog from the new Zeiss FE zoom….

Bart:Here’s something that’s fun… and addresses a very OLD rumor :)
The rumor is that old Minolta lenses possess a magical color profile. But do they? I created an online test of 5 image pairs… each with one photo taken with a vintage Minolta lens (like the Beercan) and one with another lens. Can SAR readers tell the difference?
(Answers are shown after you test yourself)
I was pretty surprised with how hard this was!!!

Mat:Here is a portrait session that made me fall in love with the A7 and the Zeiss 55mm :)

Gustav (via Dyxum) asked about the lens diference betwen 70-200mm Version I and Version II:

for all the guy`s here on DYXUM , i contact on of the lens-developers of Sony-Japan.
i ask him if he can tell the different between VERSION I and VERSION II
this is what he wright to me

There are mainly three big modification between I and II. One is “nano-AR coating” which reduce lenses’ refraction drastically for the clear photo. Second is improvement of MTF. It looks same lens structure I and II but II has a different lens structure from I. Each lens and its position are newly designed. The last one is high-speed AF system. We apply a AF system of new generation same as 500mmF4.0.

i hope everybody have something with this information , we know now the differents between GI and GII
greetings gustav

Chris:I enjoyed the nice pre-spring weather here in Germany to take some pictures with the A7 and some wide-angle Canon FD lenses (24/28/35), also comparing it to the 5N with the kit lens 1855. It might help others to understand the characteristics of those wide-spread lenses on the A7 and ease choosing the right aperture for the job. Comparisons include the different FOV of the lenses, edge and center crops as well as best shots processed in ACR with AC removal.
Now how I wish that I could test an A6000! :-)


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