Sony TidBits…(great RX1 for fashion article)


One Week with Sony A7 and Bolex anamorphot from Seb Farges on Vimeo.

A young fashion photographer posted a great article at Mirrorlessrumors about how he used the RX1 for some fashion shooting. Great images, but Sony should do a RX2 with 50mm lens for portrait shots :)

Sony RX100 II final review at Imaging Resource.
Sony Cyber-shot RX10 Vs Sony Cyber-shot R1 Comparison Review at ePhotozine.
Tamron 150-600mm Canon mount lens review at Wzswig.
Finally a remote for the Nex-7 via Kickstarter
A SAR friend created a new APP that some of you coul find to be very useful: iOS App texBlend and it’s is available in the App Store (Click here). More info about it at Outbackphoto (Click here).

Neef:Not a Rumor or news , just some interesting things Hong Kong Civil Engineering and Development Department Using a R.C.Helicopter to capture image for land survey , but the most interest things are…. the camera use for the survey is a NEX camera~ i’m not sure which model it is . but it seems to be NEX 6 or 7 , maybe you can identify it clearly? it’s not a new technology , but something interesting…

Animalsbarry: Extreme z shift test. To determine the effect of z shift on internal focus lenses I did a quick test…numbers are approximate. I used a 50-500MM. Lens at 500MM. Min focos about 10′ and 1/5 magnification. I added a 60MM extension at 10′ the magnification increased to 1/3 and the new minimum focus was about 6′. This is a much more extreme improvement in close focus than would be expected with the same extension tube on a normal lens. The reason for this is internal focus lenses focus by changing the focal length rather than by moving the entire lens. The extensiion tube allows focusing at a longer focal length for any close focus distance and closer than expected minimum focus distance because mininimum focus occurs at a shorter focal length on this type of lens. This test simulates the impact that sensor shift focusing would have on close focusing if it became available.

James:I have been follow Sony flash F60M overheat problem is not being fixed by SONY yet, but look like will be soon after a new ‘tech fail’ article is written by ‘major tech website’. thought you should know about this one. it will be newsworthy as F60M overheat shutdown plague so many user around world. plz share!″