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Sony waiting for Canon’s move and evaluating the A7 cameras. Let them know what you think should be improved!


Within six months Sony launched three different A7 cameras: The Sony A7 for daily family use, the Sony A7r for landscape photographers and resolution maniacs and the Sony A7s for 4K shooters and ghost hunters :)
But now let’s talk about the next generation Full Frame E-mount cameras. I got the following info from many anonymous and trusted sources:

1) Sony is waiting for Canon’s move before to define the next generation camera key specs. Trusted sources told me Sony is trying to see how Canon (and Nikon) will react on the A7-A7r-A7s launch. An example: If Canon is going to launch a 3-layer (Foveon alike) sensor than Sony will be ready to outperform them.
2) Sony is evaluating the A7 cameras by contacting some of the camera owners, talking with journalists and photographers. The next generation of F E-mount cameras will be very much be influenced by them.

And now it’s your turn! Please share your A7 improvements and features suggestions by commenting this post. I will later sum them up in one poll to see what SAR reader would like to see on future FF E-mount cameras. This would be my list:

– Improved A6000 alike autofocusing system
– Improved corner performance for wide angle lenses (for lenses like my [shoplink 23786 ebay]Voigtlander Ultron 21mm[/shoplink]).
– Make camera really fully weatherproof
– 5 axis In body stabilization
– 48 megapixel foveon sensor

I know you will call me a dreamer :)

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