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Specs comparison: Future Sony A7III versus the soon to be announced Canon 6DII


Sony’s next A7III camera will be announced in October-November. And it will be in the same pricing class of the soon to be announced new 6DmarkII (full specs and images at CanonWatch). So here is the question: Will the A7III trump the 6D mark II? Let’s compare the rumored specs:

  1. Sensor (A7III wins):
    The Canon has a 26MP sensor and the A7III will have a new 24MP sensor. I expect the Sony sensor to beat the Canon.
  2. Autofocus (A7III wins):
    The Canon has Dual pixel CMOS AF and 45 points cross type AF. The Sony A7III will have a much improved autofocus system. one of the sources even heard that it might have the same A9 AF system. If that’s the case the A7III will win
  3. Burst rate (on par)
    6.5fps for the Canon while the A7II should be on par with it (6-7fps)
  4. Video (A7III wins):
    1080p for the Canon. Yes, in 2017 Canon is still giving you no 4K on a $2,000 camera! Of course we know the A7III is going to have 4K.
  5. ISO range (on par)
    Canon goes up to 102.400. Sony should do the same
  6. Stabilization (A7III wins):
    5 axis electronic image stabilization on the Canon. Come one, you know that’s never going to be as good as a hardware stabilization system
  7. Display (probably Canon wins):
    Canon has a vari-angle angle screen. I am not sure the A7III will change their current tiltable screen mechanism. If they don’t the Canon will be superior. Also the Touch Panel of the Canon could be superior to the baby-version of the Sony.
  8. Ergonomic (Canon wins):
    It’s unclear if the A7III will keep the same A7II design or have the new A9 ergonomic. Any way, the Canon is still more ergonomic.

Any thought on this?

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