Speed Booster double test!


Metabones Speed Booster – FS100 vs 5D Mark III from Andrew Reid on Vimeo.

That new Metabones Speed Booster adapter created quite a buzz on Internet. But the main question is…how good does it actually work? And finally we have two test to check out.

1) First Andrew from EosHD (Click here) wrote a long review and posted this short list of pros and cons list:


  • 1 stop increase in low light performance
  • Full frame look – wider field of view, shallower DOF, attractive vignette and light fall off towards corners
  • Extremely good value for money (look at the saving over buying alternative full frame video solution like Canon 1D X / 1D C)
  • Protects investment in existing glass
  • Match glass between full frame camera and Sony E-mount camera on multi-camera shoots
  • Corrects some optical defects in centre of the frame such as purple fringing and coma
  • In-camera electronic aperture control for Canon lenses on Sony body
  • Micro Four Thirds support in pipeline for March (and electronic adapter in June)
  • Turns Blackmagic Cinema Camera into Super 35mm (matching Alexa)
  • Every lens now has dual focal length and aperture (use with or without adapter to change crop)
  • More creative possibilities
  • Excellent build quality
  • Very small and light
  • Tripod mount
  • Infinity focus tuning built into the adapter and straight forward to use


  • Corner and edge sharpness a bit of a struggle with most legacy glass at fast apertures
  • Soft corners and edges most noticeable at infinity focus with fast apertures or wide open
  • Speed of auto-focus in need of improvement (painfully slow compared to same lens on a Canon body)
  • Some lenses are not yet fully supported by the electronics

2) And the second test has been done by Robert from Lensrentals (Click here). And he likes it a lot: “The Speed Booster does what they said it would do, much to my shock and surprise“.

You can preorder the adapter at Metabones directly. Or if you prefer save this search on Slidoo to get notified when it will be available on eBay too.