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(SR1) Some A7sIII specs…


There is a new source who shared some A7sIII specs. He insisted these are correct. As this is a new source I will rank the rumor very low (10% chance he is right).

Sony executive says 4K 60p 422 no problem because it is with SLVS-EC. A7s3 will be an 8K 60P 10bit 422 low light powerhouse. The delay on the camera is because it takes time to develop the new XEVC 8K codec. IMX435 + SLVS-EC + XEVC = mirrorless revolution. The sensor is not officially a global shutter but the read out is so fast that it is damn near global shutter. Till next time!

Just to be clear, the leaked info about the nee IMX435 is 90% reliable. But what’s yet not confirmed at all if that’s the sensor that’s going to be used by the new A7sIII.

Reminder: This is the info I got about the IMX435 sensor:

“IMX435 STARVIS use Hecx Native Conversion Gain to Produce more SNR in Dark Scene:
(ISO 15 ~ 17.5EV/ISO 100 ~ 15.4EV/…/ISO 409600 ~ 6.9EV)

If readout all Conversion Gain, the Landscape can be extended to 120dB, like the high SNR sensor sony displayed on IEDM 2018. But IMX435 seems impossible to do this. It’s not a still picture style sensor.


The IMX435 sensor has 6 native sensitivities (from base to top as seen in the table):

ISO50 = Conversion Gain -18dB, EI +12dB, DR 17.4EV
ISO200 = Conversion Gain 0dB, EI +6dB, DR 15.4EV
ISO800 = Conversion Gain +18dB, EI 0dB, DR 13.4EV
ISO12800 = Conversion Gain +36dB, EI +6dB
ISO102400 = Conversion Gain +54dB, EI +6dB
ISO1638.4K = Conversion Gain +72dB, EI +24dB

Its full well capacity at base is particularly impressive at 605k e-, A7SII sensor IMX235 is “only” 159K e- with much bigger photosite. This again highlights the power of Exmor RS.”

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