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(SR5) Updated: These are the next two new Sony Full Frame 16bit sensors (also for third party manufacturers)

This is from a source that was 100% correct with the rumors he shared in the past. According to him Sony will soon announce these two new Full Frame sensors:
Sensor 1:
16 channels (which is crazy, normally it should be 8),
Sensor 2:
on-chip PDAF

The source also told me the sensors will have this:

1: Weighted pixel binning: improve the image quality when shooting videos with pixel binning. Already featured in a lot of Sony sensors.
2: A new dual-gain ADC mode: improve the dynamic range by almost 2 stops. The sensor loses 50% speed when using it. Details not known yet. Already in XT3’s sensor.
3: Digital Overlap HDR (DOL-HDR): It’s like bracketing, but you can shoot 2 frames almost at the same time! (The minimum time interval is only 1/6000 seconds). All the new sensors with 3.76um pixel size have this function.
As I said I am 99% sure the rumors is valid and these sensors will be on market soon. UPDATE: The source now added that these two sensors will be available for Sony own products and for third party companies.
My guess is that the A7sIII or other High End Sony E-mount cameras will not use those sensors. But as pointed out by our rader Primitivelamps:
It is irrelevant if these specific sensors are used or not in the next Sony cameras. The point is the sensors/tech are available, so it is not a stretch to think the next Sony cameras are using something similar.
Yes, I expect Sony’s next generation cameras to use a similar sensor. What I also wonder is if Sony will use Global Shutter sensors…
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