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(SR1) Wild rumors about the possible Sony June product announcement….



Here is the next roundup of rumors from anonymous sources with no tracked rumor sharing history. Those kind of rumors are rarely correct but as we have seen in the past soemtimes they are spot on. The three sources claim to have info about the next Sony product announcement:

Source 1:

I don’t know what exactly will be announced but the following things are currently in the pipeline:
RX100 V
Same thing as IV but now with phase detection autofocus
Sony A7 III:
24-28MP BSI Sensor with IBIS and  4K support.
Unnamed BSI Sensor
APS-C Camera
not sure if a5300 or a7000 no body size known…

Improved action cam
From the lens side in development
more high quality prime lenses most likely f 1.8 50mm and f 2.8 35mm
Sport / bird photography lens (price tag also for professionals) 500mm or 600mm at least f 4.0
Macro lens with 180mm and f 3.5 or 4.0
Not all of these will be announced but I would guess at least one mirorless camera.

Source 2:

Sony RX100 V is coming!@!!!@!!@!
Will have AF system from a6000 though not clear on number of PDAF and CDAF points.  I’ve also confirmed the EVF will be bigger and greatly improved magnification.    The model will also have an extra dial, so expect the body to be different, but not bigger than the previous generation.   This is all I have, and oh, June 9th is the release date I am told!!!

The same Source 2 also shared the RX100m5 specs in another mail:
– Hybrid AF will be a feature 179 Phase detect points and 135 Contrast detect points
– Continuous AF bursts 40 FPS
– EVF magnification will be 0.7x (big improvement)
– 24-80 F1.8 – F2.8 lens (longer)
– low light focus down to -4 EV
– Grip will be introduced

Source 3:

June 8 (9 in other places) announce rx200. Hybrid sensor with pd and cd, lens 24-90, ands new design, new series. Big feature, record for VR technology, immersive video and photo with pop.

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