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(SR3) More A7III, A7sIII and telephoto lens rumor…


First a disclaimer: The following rumors are from three trusted sources whom shared correct rumors in the past (STF rumor, 85mm FE rumors and Sept 12 RX rumor). But still, in the light of the recent misses I will rank this rumor with 50% chance of being true only. They might also got wrong info from their “Sony contacts”. So please be cautious as we have yet no 100% confirmation about what’s going to be announced tomorrow (Oct 25 at 10am NYC time).

Source 1: A7III:

This is from one Asian source who correctly shared the STF lens specs and said a new RX would be announced on the Sept 12 event. He said he is yet not 100% sure but last time his Sony source told him a7III would come by end 2017 with those specs:

6fps with mechanical shutter (NO 20fps electronic mode!)
693 phase detection AF
touchscreen and joystick control

expanded ISO is 204800
4k 30p recording


I don’t know if that’s the camera we will get at tomorrows Sony announcement or if Sony delayed the camera launch.

Source 2: Telephoto lens

It also seems that a new telephoto lens (400mm FE?) could be announced tomorrow.

Source 3: a7sIII

He said he doesn’t have any info about tomorrow announcement. All he knows from Sony is that the A7sIII would be launched soon.

Keep in mind: All we know for sure is that tomorrow Sony will have a major press event. And that Sony registered two new camera codes in Asia hinting that one or two cameras might be announced tomorrow. I give it a 50% chance that tomorrow we will get a new A7III or A7sIII, RX100mVI and 400mm telephoto lens. Unless I can get a confirmation to upgrade the rumors to SR5 don’t  hold me accountable on those rumors I summed up un this post.

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