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(SR3) Pentax future APS-C mirrorless system with Sony sensor (will they join the NEX system?)


The picture on top shows the Pentax mirrorless system with very small sensor (1:2.33). The second system will have a Sony APS-C sensor.

As you know Pentax is now using Sony sensors only (instead of the Samsung sensors). Alejandro from just published a rumor about Pentax launching two different new mirrorless system. And he has been told that Pentax will use the same Sony NEX sensors for their large sensor APS-C system. The other system has a small 1:2.33 sensor made by Kenko.

I didn’t hear anything about a possible Pentax and Sony mirrorlress partnership but I would love if Pentax would join the NEX system and you? That would put a bit of pressure on Sony and we could enjoy Pentax lenses too! Let’s dream…

P.S.: The weird design of the camera is based on the old but popular [shoplink 6193]Auto 110 camera[/shoplink].

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