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(SR5) After the announcements in April more Sony stuff coming in May


It’s going to be hot here on SonyAlphaRumors. We will have many new products announcement right before the NAB show in Las Vegas (April 9). And now we learned that there will be even more Sony digital camera/lens announcements in May. And than we will have the A77+lens announcement in July. If you are planning a vacation and do not want to miss any official Sony announcement June is your only option ;)

A BIG question on my sources. Does the NEX-7 have built-in EVF or not? Let’s hope the answer is yes!

P.S.: I need a favour from one of our US readers. If some of you is planning to buy a product on Amazon today can you please use that link: and send me an email to tell me what you bought? I need to check if my affiliate links are really working because I am continually getting some kind of weird error message. As you know we rely on those links to pay our server and wesite costs and I am want to be sure that everything is working fine. Thanks!


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