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(SR3) Sony A7000 is the first E-mount camera with 15.5 stops on sensor HDR!


We are all excited about the latest Sony A7rII and RX cameras. So what could be so special on the rumored “a7000” APS-C E-mount camera to make as “Wow” again? Well, we have the answer: The Sony A7000 is rumored to be the first system camera of the world having a native “on sensor HDR” feature. This means both images and recorded video are capable of 15.5 stops of dynamic range!

I don’t know yet in detail how this works on the A7000. I know the [shoplink 38262 ebay]Xperia Z smartphone[/shoplink] has a similar on sensor HDR tech. If they use the same technique on the A7000 than this is how it works (via Image Sensor World):

How HDR video recording works
To achieve true HDR video recording, the advanced Exmor RS camera sensor in Xperia Z changes the exposure every two lines of pixels. This creates a spatially varying exposure (SVE) array image, which is then used to make an image that is perfectly exposed in both dark and light areas.
To simplify the concept, for each frame the camera shoots one picture with two different exposure levels at the same time, one light and one dark. Then, an intelligent software algorithm is used to combine (synthesize) the two shots into one picture, pixel by pixel. This allows you to see the details of both the dark and the bright parts of the picture.

HDR for still images
With HDR for still images, the camera quickly captures the image twice with different exposure levels and stitches the two shots together to create one optimised photo. This way, HDR lets you capture clear photos even against strong backlight. HDR is automatically activated when Superior Auto detects scenes with strong backlight.
The A7000 is now rumored to be released sometimes in late Summer! Stay tuned on SAR while I hope to get more specs of the camera!

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