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(SR4) A6xxx announcement again(!) delayed til February 2016.


Image on top shows the Sony roadmap for Spring 2015. That is when the new A6xxx was planed to be released.

Ah gosh! I really hate that A6xxx camera story. The camera was long due to be released in Spring 2015 (as leaked on the Sony roadmap document above). But Sony is keeping pushing back the release.

In August a trusted source said the camera release was scheduled between September and October. The same source shared other correct rumors like for example the Sony Europe Online Store closure (rumor here) or FS5 camera specs (rumor here). So he has a solid track of correctly shared rumors. But tonight he contacted me back and told me the following:

  1. Sony Tokyo decided to push back (again!) the A6xxx announcement to February-March 2016
  2. Sony Tokyo did not unveil the reason for that but he suspects that strong A7rII sales and increased production necessity let them decide to focus on the A7srII (and A7sII) first.

I am really upset by this as it’s hard to get reliable on the A6xxx rumors if Sony keeps changing the roadmap.

Very personal note:
I remind you that I am very busy on a personal family level (one son with not too serious but very busy health issues) and work (major documentary projects) level til Spring.  So sorry for any delay in email checking, and for the less good reliable rumor the late 12 months. I will have more time to spend on sources and rumors from February 2016.

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Reminder (SR = Sonyrumor):
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SR2=rumor from unknown sources
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