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(SR4) Sony A7sIII will be announced this fall and not at the NAB show. And it will have a new innovative sensor!


Just a Sony A7sIII rendering (not the real cam).

I finally got some A7sIII time frame info from reliable sources:

Reliable source 1 (he correctly gave me the 100mm STF rumor 2 years ago).

a7sⅢ will be announced in summer (before October.) Camera have new memory stacked sensor. My source says this sensor is great innovation and changes the game. Probably Global shutter?

Source 2:

There will be no “hint” of the a7sIII on April 7. My friend at Sony told me we will see nothing until earliest this Fall.

A couple of months ago Sony said they are taking some time to develop the A7sIII because they want to exceed the customers expectations. I guess that a global shutter sensor would exactly do that. Finally a camera with ZERO Rolling Shutter which for film makers matters a lot!

But like I said, global shutter is just a speculation for now. The only fact is that Sony has launched many APS-C, MFT and smaller global shutter sensor in the past months…so technology must be ready for FF too!

Important ranking note: I am not ranking this rumor SR5 yet simply because 5 months ago another reliable source got “busted” and received wrong info from Sony. That’s why I will keep this SR4 for now in the hope these two sources didn’t get mislead too.

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