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(SR4) Sounds like we will see two new Fullframe cameras in 2012 (Low and High resolution)


[shoplink 3032][/shoplink]The current Sony Fullframe Flagship camera: The [shoplink 3032]A900[/shoplink].

I am still waiting to get some news about the delayed NEX-C3 and A35. But in the meanwhile I got first good news about the next Fullframe camera…oh wait cameras! Yes I have been told that Sony is now planning to release two FF cameras in 2012!

One camera will have a low resolution sensor that can beat the ISO performance of the current [shoplink 6340]Canon 5D markII[/shoplink] and [shoplink 6341]Nikon D3x[/shoplink] cameras.
The second camera will have a high resolution sensor to come very close to medium format cameras like the [shoplink 6342]Pentax 645D[/shoplink] and [shoplink 6343]Leica S2[/shoplink].

Very important: Both cameras will be SLT (translucent). And both will be announced in 2012.  They will certainly feature the same (if not better) 3 million dots OLED Viewfinder as the A77. We should expect a mockup to be displayed at the Cliq (PMA) show in September.

I got the info from very good sources, but 2012 is still far away and I hope Sony will not change that roadmap! Sony is going to let us painfully wait a long time before we can get our hands on it!

Links to the current Sony FF cameras:
Sony A900 at [shopcountry 3032].
Sony A850 at [shopcountry 3028].

Other cameras discussed in the article:
Canon 5D markII at [shopcountry 6340] Nikon D3x at [shopcountry 6341].
Pentax 645D at [shopcountry 6342].
Leica S2 at [shopcountry 6343].

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