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(SR5) At least four major new lens introduction at Photokina!


Before you forget it: On Thursday (May 17th) at around 6-8 am in the morning (London time) Sony will have a big product announcement. As you know there will be a new A37, NEX-F3 (damn cool machine!) a new 18-135mm A mount and a new 18-200mm E mount lens. So stay tuned on SonyAlphaRumors to follow the event live!

The days and weeks after the announcement I will focus on the following next product announcements. The APS-C camera with fixed pancake zoom lens. The NEX-F5, the A99 Full Frame camera and the new A and E mount lenses. All that stuff should be announced this Summer! What will also be announced at that time are at least two new A mount lenses and two new E mount lenses. One of them is almost certainly the 50mm Zeiss SSM lens (could be f/1.2!!!). But there is also an A mount zoom, an E-mount prime lens and an E-mount zoom. But as I wrote on the title this are “at least” four lenses. There is chance there might be more. But I am sure those four I mentioned are coming!

P.S.: I hope Sony will give us some official A99 hint on Thursday. It’s just a hope, not a rumor :(

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