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(SR5) More stuff to be announced today: AX1 4K Camcorder, AS30 Sportscamera and HDR-MV1 picture.


The Big Highlight of todays Sony event are the new QX Lens Cameras. The livestream will start at 16:00 London time and I will embed the live video on SonyAlphaRumors. Specs and price of the QX are known ($250 for QX10 and $500 for QX100). But there is also some more stuff to come:

On the picture on top you see the AX1 4K camcorder that will be sold for around $4,499. Than you have the new AS30 Sportscamera for $298 (Image via Sonyactioncam2) and the HDR-MV1 audio+video recorder (Image via Stuff Magazine October issue).

UPDATE: Here is the full 4K camcorder press text:


Small news for A-mount camera owners: The 70-200mm has been officially discontinued by Sony Japan. The new version II lens will be announced along the new NEX-FF stuff and other camera in late September!

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