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Confirmed Sony press event at Photoplus (Sony registered two new camera codes)


The NABshow did open today. The Sony teased  exciting new camera is actually the new HXC-FB80 camcorder and not a new A7sIII we were hoping to see.

All I can give you as new information is that today more sources confirmed there is another Sony press event before the start of the Photoplus show on October 25.

Like I said before, I am not sure about what to expect at PhotoPlus. We got info about A7III (24MP, A9 autofocus, 6fps), A7sIII (same A9 PDAF), 135mm FE and 400mm FE lenses. But none of the sources so far could say with 100% certainty WHEN exactly this stuff will be announced. At Photoplus you might expect something from that product pool or nothing at all.

All I can say for sure is this:

1) There is another press event before Photoplus start.
2) Sony has officially registered two new cameras (code “WW930439” and “WW158299”).
3) Sony will announce new Alpha Stuff within 3-4 weeks (This means if it’s not at Photoplus it’s mid-late November at max).


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