(SR5) Definitely a Sony announcement coming in April!


Two Highly trusted and one new source confirmed Sony will have a major product announcement in April. But is going to be announced by Sony?

I am still working to get a reliable list of what we could get. So far I can share this:

90% chance: New camcorders will be announced at NAB (April 23)
80% chance: new 16-35mm f/2.8 GM

70% chance: New E-mount FF camera trimmed for speed (Low Megapixel number, fastest autofocus of all Sony cameras, around 20fps, dual SD card, joystick control, unlimited RAW recording).
70% chance: New tele E-mount lens (probably 100-400mm FE or/and a 400mm FE)

I am still struggling to understand if the new High Speed camera will be an A7 camera (maybe an A7III trimmed for speed) or if it will get a new name like “A9” or something like that….

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Note: I updated the post once based on some additional info I got in these minutes!!