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(SR5) Definitely a Sony announcement coming in April!


Two Highly trusted and one new source confirmed Sony will have a major product announcement in April. But is going to be announced by Sony?

I am still working to get a reliable list of what we could get. So far I can share this:

90% chance: New camcorders will be announced at NAB (April 23)
80% chance: new 16-35mm f/2.8 GM

70% chance: New E-mount FF camera trimmed for speed (Low Megapixel number, fastest autofocus of all Sony cameras, around 20fps, dual SD card, joystick control, unlimited RAW recording).
70% chance: New tele E-mount lens (probably 100-400mm FE or/and a 400mm FE)

I am still struggling to understand if the new High Speed camera will be an A7 camera (maybe an A7III trimmed for speed) or if it will get a new name like “A9” or something like that….

If you heard anything about the upcoming Sony event feel free to contact me at Or use the contact form you see on the right top of this site. Thanks!

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Note: I updated the post once based on some additional info I got in these minutes!!


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