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(SR5) First leaked images of the new Sony A7III


Those are the first images of the new Sony A7III. It will be announced soon at 4pm Las Vegas time! Stay tuned on SonyAlpharumors as we will live stream the event ;)

Sony A7III in USA at Adorama, BHphotoAmazon, FocusCamera.
Sony a7III in Europe at Calumet Germany, ParkCameras UK, WexUK.


Specs are still not confirmed by trusted sources yet so please keep in mind the following specs might be wrong (specs rated at 35% only):

24 mpx sensor.
7 fps.
425 contrast points.
167 phase detection.
Z batterie.
touch screen.
4k recording 24 .25 and 30 fps.
1080p 24.25.30 and 60.fps.
1899 us dollars.

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Reminder (SR = Sonyrumor):
SR1=probably fake rumor
SR2=rumor from unknown sources
SR3=50% chance it is correct
SR4=rumor from known sources
SR5=almost certainly correct!

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