(SR5) Follow SonyAlphaRumors! Sony product announcement on August 24!



According to our sources Sony will announce the new translucent cameras, the A33 and the A55 on August 24! We also expect Sony to announce the new A560, the A590 and many new lenses. But we don’t knwo if those will be announced the same day or few weeks after (September 14th?).

Yeah, Sony made us angry because of some questionable choices (see the missing A700 replacement and the many redundant low-end DSLR’s). But what’s coming now is a new generation of cameras that really will kick Canon and Nikon in the a.. :)

The A33 and A55 will be the first DSLR camera designed to take very good quality video, with unique fast autfocus for stills AND video (Phase detection AF during video!), and a 2 stop better High-ISO performance (than previous Sony APS-C cameras).

Expect me to post more details on SonyAlphaRumors soon!

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