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Sony press release on September 13th?


Sony plans a product announcement on September 13th. This is 2-3 weeks later than planed announcements form Nikon, Canon and Panasonic (They will unveil their new products in August). We form SonyAlphaRumors expect the announcement of 4 APS-C cameras and many new lenses. There is also a small chance that Sony will show the next A7xx and NEX-7 behind a glass (market release expected in 2011).

As you know we are not affiliated with Sony, and we are talking about “rumors. So there is still room for positive surprises ;)

UPDATE: One of our sources told us one month ago that there would be an announcement by late August. Or Sony delayed the press release or there will be two different product presentations. We will try to get more infos…

Source: Photorumors

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