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(SR5) Good news: 5 axis stabilization works with ALL third party lenses!



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Highly trusted sources (Thank You all!) confirmed the 5axis stabilization of the A7m2 works with ALL third party lenses like the lenses from the [shoplink 30855 ebay]Leica M[/shoplink], [shoplink 30856 ebay]Zeiss ZM[/shoplink], [shoplink 30857 ebay]Konica Hexanon[/shoplink], [shoplink 30858 ebay]Olympus OM[/shoplink] series. Terrific news if you consider for the firts time in history those lenses will get a 4.5 stop stabilziation on a FF camera!

One of the sources wrote:

In body stabilization of the new A7II will work with all third party lenses. For lenses without electronic connections, you will need to manually enter the lens focal length. For lenses used with an electronic adapter, such as Metabones Version 4, the info is conveyed automatically to the camera and you will need to turn off any stabilization in the lens.

As you see form the images posted by Sonyshop-satouchi, Biglobo and Yagumo-Camera the 5 axis stabilization can be manually set for a long list of focal lengths!

P.S.: Sony A7m2 launch news is now reported on Sony Germany, Sony UK, Sony Italy, Sony France, Sony Australia.


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