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(SR5) More A57 specs! (Almost) Same body as the A65!

[shoplink 8459][/shoplink]

The A57 will look 99% like the current [shoplink 8459]Sony A65[/shoplink]

I just got more rumors about the A57 which will be announced on March 13. The most important news is that it has almost the same body of the [shoplink 8459]Sony A65[/shoplink]. And here are some updated specs:
Sony ExmorHD 16 megapixel sensor (guess it’s the same of the [shoplink 7207]Sony NEX-C3[/shoplink]).
ISO 100 up to 16.000 (with 25.600 multishot)
12 frames per second
It has FullHD 60p AVCHD 2.0 recording
Compared to the A77 the A57 has less good electronic viewfinder (but sources told us it’s still very good and difference is minimal). No weather sealed body.  There is also a new battery grip for the A57 (yep, it isn’t compatible with the A77 grip). It has a swivel screen. No top LCD and no GPS.

And as I told you a couple of days ago a new NEX-F3 and a new NEX camcorder are also coming soon (don’t know if they will be announced the same day of the A57). I am still struggling to get more reliable info about the lenses. Hope you sources can send me more about that soon!

P.S.: The A77 body only is back in Stock at Amazon (Click here). And so the kit version (Click here).

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