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(SR5) New A-mount lenses to be announced within 1-2 months. One is the 18-270mm!


Image on top: The Tamron 18-270mm lens for Sony.

The weekend is coming but I am not done with SR5 rumors :)

According to trusted sources Sony will announce new A-mount lenses in early 2013. One of the new lenses that will be announced in Q1 is the new 18-270mm DT lens. This will be Sony’s version of the Tamron 18-270mm lens ([shoplink 15847 ebay]here on eBay[/shoplink]).

We will also have the new Zeiss 50mm f/1.4 and the new 70-200mm f/2.8. What I don’t know yet is if all these lenses will be announce together or one after another on separate days. We can also expect new E-mount lenses. I am working to get the specs…stay tuned on SAR…I  will hopefully post the coming weeks! Subscribe the RSS feed (Click here) and Twitter (Click here) stream and the Facebook fan page (Click here)!

P.S.: I don’t know the price of the lens but we have many Zeiss 50mm lenses for different mounts and I thought it would be nice to give you an overview:
[shoplink 14186 ebay]Zeiss Normal 50mm f/1.4 ZE Planar T* for Canon (see auctions on eBay)[/shoplink] [shoplink 14187 ebay]Zeiss Normal 50mm f/1.4 ZE Planar T* for Nikon (see auctions on eBay)[/shoplink] [shoplink 14188 ebay]Carl Zeiss Jena Biotar 50mm f/1.4 50/1.4 LTM (see auctions on eBay)[/shoplink] [shoplink 14190 ebay]Zeiss Normal 50mm f/1.4 for Contax (see auctions on eBay)[/shoplink] [shoplink 14189 ebay]Carl Zeiss Planar T* 1.4/50 ZF 50mm F1.4 Nikon Ai-S (see auctions on eBay)[/shoplink]

As you see the price range is soemwhere between $500 and $800. Of course these are all manual focusing lenses and do have a different design. But I hope the price will be a bit below the $1.000 mark.


Reminder (SR = Sonyrumor):
SR1=probably fake rumor
SR2=rumor from unknown sources
SR3=50% chance it is correct
SR4=rumor from known sources
SR5=almost certainly correct!



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