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New Sony X teaser for a product display event on May 15!


The broken mirror teaser

The Sony X Australia group posted that curious teaser of a broken mirror. It’s for a special Sony event scheduled on May 15 (date info shared by a source). There is yet no other info a part of the text saying “stay tuned”. The broken mirror image could refer to a new mirrorless camera launch (rumored to be the A7rII and/or the A6100). But so far there is no 100% guarantee yet this is for the A7rII/A6100 launch. Note: Sony X is an official Sony affiliated group.

But this would fit with previous (SR3) rumors I got about a mid-May announcement. The new A7x and A6xxx camera May-June launch timeframe also got leaked on that Wikileaks document.

So far the A7rII will get the 5 axis IBIS and A7II body form. Not 100% clear if the A7rII will get the same 36MP sensor as the first model or an updated new 59MP sensor (See Zeiss leak). The A6100 will retain the current 24MP sensor and get XAVC-S recording.

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