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(SR5) Rumors about a new Sony E-mount product launch event!


Sony patent showing an entry level E-mount FF (will it ever become a real thing?)

Sony E-mount product launch event:
Usually 1+1 makes 2. And so if two trusted sources do tell me that they got “invited” by Sony for some major “showcase” …well it means there could be an announcement soon! One of the sources who actually knows everything but only tells me little (for obvious reasons) told me “this is an E-mount” related event.
Of course we know Sony still has to announce the 70-200mm FE GM pricing. But I got the feeling (from the kind of message I got) that there could be more than just that lens price announcement.

Guessing what’s coming…
I am trying to squeeze out a bit more info from those sources. In the meantime we can only guess what Sony could eventually announce in the near future: On April 16 the major NABshow is taking place in las Vegas. The next E-mount announcement could be related to this event (new E-mount camcorder? Or first 8K E-mount camera?).
But we also can guess the A7m3, A5xxx are probably the next cameras on the roadmap. I would be surprised if Sony would announce a new A9 High End Camera or A5 entry level FF.

Anyway stay tuned, I hope to get some more details soon! And by the way, Zeiss will announce a new Batis 18mm lens soon too!

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