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(SR5) Sony A9 size info…

[shoplink 46453 ebay]

A9_size[/shoplink] [shoplink 46453 ebay]A7rII[/shoplink] vs [shoplink 46766 ebay]Canon 5DIII[/shoplink] size comparison (CameraSize).

Last week I reported that a highly trusted source confirmed Sony will launch a higher than A7 model (let’s call it “A9” for now). It will have [shoplink 46602 ebay]dual XQD card slot[/shoplink] and unlimited RAW burst. The same source also added a small info about the camera size:

“The size will be bigger than [shoplink 46453 ebay]A7RII[/shoplink], but smaller than conventional DSLR, such as [shoplink 46766 ebay]5D3[/shoplink].”

The source did not tell us when the camera will be announced. As you know on Sunday at 2pm Las Vegas time Sony has a major product announcement event. But it’s absolutely unclear if the Sony A9 will be announced on Sunday or much later at Photokina. I know the NAB show is for broadcasters. But Sony introduced the A7s at the NAB show two years ago. And the A9 certainly would have a lot of advanced new video features. So it’s not illogical that Sony could use this event for a new A9 launch. But that said…this is all pure speculation. So don’t dream too much, there may be “only” new camcorders on Sunday :)

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