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UPDATED: You have been fooled :)


UPDATE: It’s now April 2. Time to say you have been fooled :)

This is the Fool news:

After many weeks of work I can finally unveil that Sony is about to launch two new Full Frame cameras based on the same brand new Sony 3 layer sensor (Similar to Foveon tech). On May 1 Sony will unveil the A91 A-mount and the A9 E-mount cameras featuring the 54 Megapixel 3 layer sensor.

3 layer sensor: Every layer captures 18 megapixel. The resolution and color richness is said to be world-class leading. No other camera of the world can nearly match the IQ from those cameras!

AF: The sensor contains 345 phase detection AF points covering 97% of the imaging area.

A and E-mount: The cameras are very similar but the A91 will have on sensor stabilization. The A91 will also be the first A-mount camera that is completely mirrorless and without the SLT mirror!

I have no other specs nor price info yet. But stay tuned!


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