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(SR5) Sony announcement tomorrow!


A highly trusted source confirmed the rumor we posted end of last week. And he told us Sony will announce “something” tomorrow September 12 (probably at 3-4pm London time).

So far we have no confirmed info about WHAT exactly will be announced. But the past months we posted rumors about a new RX (UPDATE: RX10m4 announce), new A7III, new 135mm FE, new 400mm FE, new 20mm FE and a new 16mm f/1.4 APS-C E-mount lens. So maybe we will see something from that rumored product pool.

UPDATE: RX announced today. E-mount announcement will follow in October!

Sources having some info about tomorrows event can contact me at or use the contact form you see on the right top of this site. Thanks!

We have our own Facebook camera groups and pages you can join to discuss the upcoming new cameras in detail:
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Sony A7rIII group and Sony A7rIII page
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Sony A7III group and Sony A7III page

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