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(SR5) Sony officially registered a new unannounced camera in Asia. It is Sony’s first 5.8GHz WLAN capable camera!


Nice surprise folks! Sony registered a new camera code “WW716189” in Asia. This means that we can expect a new camera to be announced between now and max 1-2 months. You will also notice from the image on top that this will be Sony’s first 5.8GHz WLAN capable camera!

We have no info yet if that’s ane E-mount or RX camera. But it’s 5.8GHz capable and I bet it’s a High End model. It would allow fast file transfer…maybe ideal for something like the A9II?

Reminder: Sony 200-600mm G review will be officially online on June 11 at 4pm London time. Sony 600mm f/4.0 development announcement at the same time!

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