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(SR5) There is no model above the A77, a part of the A9x! (Says Paul Genge)


Yesterdays rumor about a possible new APS-C model probably made did upset some Sony managers. Paul Genge Sony UK posted this message on Facebook: “…it never ceases to amaze me how the rumour mill accelerates from one model to the next, to the next and so on. Stock of the a77 has not reached most markets yet, but people are guessing “what next” I almost felt like posting only “lol”. However, in actual fact its probably better to state that the a77 is now in the range for a while, and the next high end introduction will be featuring the number ’9x’ naming…………… now watch what happens to the rumour mill! )

At that point I want to remind you a couple of things:
1) Don’t ever base your shopping decision on rumors. Focus on your real needs! Yesterday I posted a couple of professional A77 reviews where you can red the strengths and weaknesses of the camera. And as you can read the A77 is a top performer. So please don’t wait because of a rumor which per definition is an unofficial and unproved news.
2) That said I want to remind you that my sources are saying there will be one more APS-C model. I don’t know yet what kind of camera it will be, and the news about the A75 (?) being a top-end APS-C model is coming from external and new sources (like a user of which had been invited on a Sony presentation. I haven’t been there for myself so I cannot verify if the news is correct. I repeat, my known sources only said there will be a third new APS-C model!
3) I do absolutely trust Paul Genge statement that’s why I think that if there is a new third APS-C model coming than it will be placed below the current A77 camera.

For Paul and all Sony managers: I will be much more careful next time and make it more easy to understand what part of the rumor is coming from trusted sources and what part is from external or new sources. And for our readers, it’s SR4 that there could be a third APS-C model, it’s SR5 that it will not be on top of the A77.

UPDATE: I just read your comments and someone still didn’t understand that my TRUSTED sources said there will be a third APS-C model soon (and that’s FT4). The new and external sources said it’s an A7x or high end model (That’s FT2). Hope it’s clear now :)


And now here is a list of things you absolutely have to read about the A77 (preorders at [shopcountry 8461]):

Our reader Ron sent me this News: “I picked up my new a77 camera on Saturday 08/Oct/2011 from Hendry’s Camera shop in Cambridge Ontario Canada. What a beautiful Camera and it came loaded with the 1.03 software loaded, I am updating from Sony a350 so it is quite a jump, with all the new technology on board. I took it out Sunday and thrilled to bits with the camera, I would recommend this dream machine to anyone and for those people waiting for there A77 you are in for a real treat.

Dave Cox wrote: “More on my A77 first experiences…I went out last night for my first shoot of any length. Caught a nice sunset and managed to have a good play with the camera. I used my Zeiss 16-80 and throughout the zoom range the images are really pin sharp and crystal clear. A real step up from my A33. Next, a comment about noise – with the A33 and any kind of ND filter, images at f/16 and smaller apertures were VERY noisy and needed 100% recovery in ACR. Not so with the A77 – even with stacked ND400 and ND grad, the images at f/22 and f/25 were almost noise free and ACR recovery just introduced peaking into the image. Later, I tried some night shots (it was a full moon) and both at ISO 50 with very long exposures and at ISO 1600 short exposures the images were useable with very little editing. I really am impressed as I was expecting a high ISO disaster – just goes to show that you shouldn’t believe all you read e.g. A7x ;) In summary, this camera is going to result in me spending much less time in the digital darkroom which is very pleasing. I’ve been out with it twice but already I love it!! A few pics from last night at

All new Sony cameras and lenses links:
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Zeiss 24mm f/1.8 [shopcountry 8450].
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Reminder (SR = Sonyrumor):
SR1=probably fake rumor
SR2=rumor from unknown sources
SR3=50% chance it is correct
SR4=rumor from known sources
SR5=almost certainly correct!

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