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(SR5) What’s new with the A57: Clear zoom and auto portrait framing.


While the A57 will not bring any kind of new revolutionary feature there are still some minor new tidbits coming along the camera:

1) Clear Image Zoom
That is the biggest new innovation. It’s a new proprietary “By Pixel Super Resolution Technology“. It is a 2x digital zoom that can almost match the quality of a normal optical zoom! That means you can instantly 2x zoom with any lens you have without having any major loss of quality. I have to see this to believe it! ;)

2) Auto Portrait framing
With the help of the face detection feature the A57 can create well balanced horizontal or vertical portrait cuts.

The camera will be announced on Tuesday March 13th at 4am London time and as usual I will follow the announcement live here on SonyAlphaRumors. This means I will keep updating you with links to news, reviews, videos image samples and more.

While the on paper the A57 doesn’t sound like a spectacular camera it certainly can do a lot for the price ($699). And many SAR readers complained about the too high Megapixel count on the [shoplink 8461]A65/A77[/shoplink]. So this might be the right camera for you!

P.S.: If you are not from London than your announcement time is:
9pm San Francisco time (Monday March 12th)
12pm New York time (Monday-Tuesday night)
5am in Berlin (Tuesday)
1pm in Tokyo (Tuesday)


For US readers: The A77 kit is back in Stock at BHphoto (Click here). And first $2 price drop at Amazon (Click here) … :)

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