Finally! Sony ZV1 camera will look like an RX100 and have a fully articulating screen

And I just got more news about the new Sony ZV1 camera that will be announced on May 26:

  • Looks like an RX100
  • Has a fully articulating screen on the side similar to the Canon EOS-RP
  • Better grip than current RX100 cameras
  • Very big Video record button
  • 24-70mm F1.8 – 2.8 lens
  • All the autofocus features like: EyeAf and so forth
  • One touch Bokeh feature
  • Auto Object detect

So it’s damn good news to hear Sony implementing the fully articulating screen we were asking for YEARS! That gives us hope the A7sII successor and maybe the A7IV will have it too :)

The very same sources sharing the ZV1 details also say there is a super big Full Frame event in June. So if the ZV1 rumor turns out to be true on May 26 than there is a very big chance the Full Frame info I got is correct too. What does that info say? Stay tuned the next days on SAR to learn about it ;)

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