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The full new generation Sony 8K sensor and codec specs


Sony is ready to launch a bunch of new 8K sensors and a new 8K codec in 2019. This post sums up all the many info we leaked the past weeks:

New XEVC 8K codec (article and detailed images here):
8k at 24fps, 12 bit and 240Mbps peak bitrate.

New Full Frame sensors:
IMX435 is a new 36Mp 8K sensor (article here)
IMX551 is a new 60MP 8k sensor (article here)
IMX455 is a stripped down version of the IMX551 (article here).

APS-C sensors (article and detailed specs here):
IMX510: 32MP, 16 bit…
IMX571: 26MP, dual gain ISO, 16 bit stills

All the sensor mentioned here are open for sale to third-party manufacturers. But To use the full potential you need to buy the rights to use the Sony proprietary SLVS-EC interface. Sony itself might use those sensors or a customized variation of those sensors.

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