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The High Megapixel war rumors: Canon 46MP camera coming soon(?) and Sony in January/February?


Canon confirmed they are working on High Megapixel camera sensors and my trusted sources Sony is working on such cameras too. Sounds almost like both companies are working on it “on sync” because both companies are rumored to deliver around 50 Megapixels cameras within a close 3-6 months timeframe from now.

I am yet not sure about the rumor about Canon but it’s said that Canon could launch a 50MP Full Frame camera in mid October. Sony will “counterattack” beginning of 2015 (likely in January?). And as for now I heard about a 46 Megapixel FF sensor and a 54 Megapixel FF sensor. Maybe the first is coming…first. And the second sensor on a later camera. The specs I got about the 54 Megapixel sensor are:

54 Megapixel sensor
2460 focusing points
focusing area covers 78% of the entire sensor

Of course the info I got as about a sensor prototype and they may slightly differ from the final production version.

P.S.: Quite strange to notice the time after Photokina will be more interesting than the time before Photokina :)

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