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One more visual proof the Nikon D7000 is using a Sony sensor.

Share ripped the new Nikon D7000 and discovered that it comes equipped with a DX format (APS-C) sensor fabricated by Sony, the IMX071 (click here to see the image).. That explains why the [shoplink 4617]Sony A580[/shoplink] and the Nikon D7000 scored the same result at DxOmark. Now you will say “ok, we already knew that“! But you know, Nikon is officially stating that their sensors are somewhat “different” than Sony sensors. After that D7000 massacre we can say that their statement isn’t correct!

P.S.: his image sensor features a pixel size of 4.8 µm x 4.8 µm (as seen in the Bayer patterned RGB color filters). The sensor displays improvements in pixel layout and process features, as compared to previous generations of Sony DSLR sensors.

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