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This is how Sony Marketing postioned the new A9 (no mention of wedding photography)


The image above shows you a text written by Sony Marketing. It explains in short whom the Sony A9 is aimed for. As you can see:

  1. The High End Canon 1DxII and Nikon D5 are included in the main competitors list
  2. The A7rII and A7sII are placed below the A9 which is the “Flag-ship” model providing Speed. I guess this means the future A7rIII and A7sIII will keep the “A7” naming?

What’s interesting is that they never mention “wedding” photography as a possible application!

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Reminder: Today at 17:00 reviewers will be allowed to publish their A9 reviews and image samples. So expect a storm of A9 news. After that I am ready to publish some new rumors (starting off next week).

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